Dr. Anjana Rao

Pro Chancellor, BMU

Dear Students,
At BMU we are committed to provide the right ambience and academic environment to each student for unleashing their full potential, which helps them to reach at glorious heights of professional excellence to attain their dreams so that they can bring a positive change in society and for whom the nation always comes first. BMU is committed to emit the wisdom of knowledge to the youths by providing education and empowering them to address the existing and emerging national and global challenges. We endeavor to provide our students a world-class educational experience and our multi-disciplinary campus offers them a wide canvas to paint their future, inspiring them to excel in their chosen field under the guidance of our committed faculty. BMU is heading towards developing a new generation workforce to empower the changing needs of the Industry and new India.
Our competent faculty has successfully transited to the online and blended mode of imparting education and is equipped to keep the teaching-learning processes functional under all eventualities. Our vision at BMU is to make learning a harmonious experience, enabling our students to shine in each and every aspect of life. Education at BMU is the culmination of the highest ideals to forge a medium, through which we can serve our nation by developing a highly educated, informed, efficient and ethical pool of human resource.
The deep-rooted spiritual tradition of our Indian culture is fused effortlessly with modern technology and pedagogy to create a value-based education system, creating professionals empowered to become harbingers of social change. Our curriculum is contemporary and incorporates various innovative programs that open novel avenues for our students. It is our endeavor to impart education which enhances the personality of our students, giving them the strength of character and intellect, to be self-sufficient in this extremely competitive and complex world.
As Pro-Chancellor of the University, I am extremely proud of the rich tradition to impart practical, experience-based education that our University has upheld since its inception. We, at BMU, continuously strive to enhance our programme to standby the forefront of Higher Education trends. Sports and other co-curricular activities are encouraged and students are given every form of support to develop their talents in all fields. Our Training and Placement Cell works round the year and closely coordinates with various organizations and corporate houses to know their training schedule, recruitment process and plans to ensure best placement of our students. With this message, I would like to conclude by wishing each one of our students, alumni, and future students a very successful and fruitful experience at BMU.