Eye Hospital

The Campus has a famous Eye Hospital, started in 1948. The hospital has been rendering commendable services to the people of Northern India. Every year around 1,00,000 patients are being treated free of cost. The hospital is having state-of-art gadgets and equipments. The bed occupency of the hospital is nearly 60.

General Hospital

There is also a General Hospital attached to SBMN Ayurvedic College, providing zero cost treatment to the patients of nearby area and the students of the University. In the Ayurvedic Hospital, PANCHKARMA is a punficatory and rejuvenating therapy . It deals With five types of Karma Le. Vamam. Virechana, Bash which is of two types Anuvasam end Ninth: and finally Nagy: It also inciudes Raktamokxham Qnehana and Swaedena are the pre-purificatory therapies Le. ‘ the procedure which is done before the above ’ said panchkarma therapies. I


There is a Dental hospital which was started in 1997. It has 121 Dental chairs with all It has also the most impotant dental equipments like RVG and OPG. Nearly 100 patients are provided consultation and treatment in Out Pateients Department daily


The University has a Physiotherapy Hospital also, having the facilities for treatment of all types of pains, disabilities and Injuries like sports injury, musculoskeletal injuries, nerve related Injuries like hemiplegia, diplegia, quadriplegia and nerve damage, birth related anomalies etc.. Physiotherapy is an ultra modern technique to promote mobility, improve impairment and quality of life by using physical methods like exercise, moblization, manipulation, pressure, temperature (hot or cold), vibration, electric stimulus etc. The hospital consists of different department like Neruo-rehabilitation, Sports-training, General Rehabilitation, Electrotherapy, Exercise Therapy etc. The hospital has state-of-the-art equipment for physiotherapeutic treatment. More then 100 patients are provided consulation In Out Patients Department per day.