Dr. Ravi Kumar Rana

Dean Student Welfare, BMU

I welcome all the fresh students of BMU and congratulate them for taking decision to be a part of the BMU family. The report of Radha Krishna made an important recommendation as early as in 1948 for the appointment of Dean Student Welfare for co-ordinating student services in all Indian Universities which actually came into effect to Education Commission in 1960.
The office of Dean Student Welfare ensures the overall growth of the students in a conducive and constructive learning environment. It organizes various curricular activities to make the campus life vibrant and lively. At BMU we believe that co-curricular activities play a key role in the holistic development of students. Hence we are committed to promoting all such activities.
The office of Dean Student Welfare functions as a hub of various activities that promotes fraternity, corporation, assimilation, accommodation and sense of brotherhood among students. To encourage the talent of our students we meticulously work and promote Physical Education, NSS, NCC, Hobby Clubs and various subject related societies. We are always at the disposal of our students and give them our best for their creative endeavors.
The University supports array of Student Welfare Service including Student Support, Learning Support, Scholarships and Financial Support, Career Guidance, Students Information Service, Grievance Redressal, Community Service, Mental Health & Well Being Service, Safety and Security of Students, Awards and Recognitions, Community and Experimental Learning Exercises, Sports Yoga and Collaborative Exercises and many more to ensure allround development of young and inquisitive minds. The Department of Students Welfare plays a key role in enabling our University to shape our students. It serves as a liaison between the students and the administration, making it a student care and supervision center. DSW closely cooperates with the students ranging across all years to delegate and organize academic counselling, co-curricular events, leadership and social programmes.
This promotes the development of an environment that instils into the students values that groom them into responsible and valued citizens of our nation. Here I take the opportunity to thank all the Faculties of BMU who are always on their toes to help the students in the best possible way.