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Nikola Tesla's quote “What One Man Call God; Physicists Call It a Law of Physics” beautifully encapsulates the profound connection between spirituality and the laws of physics, highlighting how the mysteries of the universe can be perceived through both scientific and philosophical lenses. It's indeed fascinating how physics permeates various aspects of our lives and education, shaping not only our understanding of the natural world but also influencing technological advancements and career paths. Moreover, the versatility of a degree in M.Sc. Physics is evident in its wide range of applications across industries. Whether it's in academia, scientific research, or the corporate sector, individuals with a solid foundation in physics can contribute significantly to innovation and problem-solving. The mention of employment opportunities in sectors like healthcare, manufacturing, electronics, and IT further underscores the relevance and demand for physics expertise in today's technological landscape.


  • B.Sc. exam or equivalent examination from a recognized University with relevant / allied subject offered in P.G.. Course, with minimum 50% marks
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    1 Scheme of Examinations I to IV semester in phased manner and Syllabus of M.Sc. Physics(I to IV semester) under CBCS-LOCF w.e.f. 2022-23 Click

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