Dr. Ramesh Kumar Yadava- Vice Chancellor

Prof. (Dr.) Ramesh Kumar Yadava

Vice-Chancellor, BMU

It is a matter of immense pleasure for me to be a part of the Baba Mastnath University, Asthal Bohar, Rohtak fraternity as its Vice Chancellor. I take this opportunity of welcoming students coming from all parts of the country, joining the university in undergraduate, Postgraduate as well as in research programmes. Most of such students have moved away from the folds of their family in their quest of knowledge. One needs to feel that they are just moving away from one family fold to another. Their teachers, seniors and peers, all form an extended family from whom they can look up for any guidance, support and help to move ahead in life as good and successful human being.
The University has highly qualified faculty in their respective fields of expertise. A large number of national and international seminars and workshops are regularly organized by the university. Such events provide a variety of experiences to the students and inculcate skills such as leadership and team spirit which are helpful in their career. Our faculty members have been able to publish good quality research work in high impact factor journals of repute. There is an active interaction between faculty and students in the campus. The learning experiences in the campus pave a strong path for enhancement of overall development of the learners.
Further, the campus of the university are ICT enabled and the colleges provide an e- learning and e-connect environment, along with class coordination system, document management system as well as virtual class rooms. The university is situated in a serene environment. The serenity along with a complex structure of curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities will shape your physical, mental and intellectual growth.
Here the Faculty is committed to working closely with all students, to create an outstanding academic community that is inspiring, stimulating and enjoyable, helping you to make the most of your time here as a student: fulfilling your academic potential, developing strong networks and social relationships, and shaping your own future. On the behalf of University I assure you that we will provide the holistic nourishment to empowers you to achieve the objective of your life. We understand that your academic progression and wellbeing are linked, and at BMU we concerned about it.
In view of pandemic impact on us we have redesign and approach towards : imparting education so as to alleviate the effect of covid 19 on students. However, your part in this is just as important as to follow any social distancing measures or restrictions to protect your health and that of fellow students and staff. I hope that you will appreciate to read and involve yourself in over commitment, and ready to make your valuable contribution to our Academic Community. Collectively bringing these promises in actual practice will certainly ensure that your experience here will be stimulating and enriching, and I look forward to seeing how you are transformed or how wer are being transformed together.
I wish you every success in the year ahead.