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Vision & Mission


To be a Premier Institution for wholesome development of Socially Responsive & Ethically Oriented Professionals through Teaching, Research & Extension.

Focus : Value creation & Dissemination of knowledge to harness true human potential. Mission


The mission of University is to establish itself as a world class University for developing competent manpower to support India's efforts in developing knowledge resource base and enriching human values in the society.


  • To establish and run schools of higher learning and research in the faculties of Engineering, Management, Medical & Paramedical Sciences, Physical Sciences, Pharmacy and Physiotherapy.
  • To produce excellent doctors, engineers, managers, pharmacists, physiotherapists, paramedics and other professionals, scientists and educationists with Indian ethics and values.
  • To bring together all institutions run by the University under one banner for symbiotic relationship.
  • To spread the message of scientific and technological advances.
  • To supplement Govt's efforts in Human Resource Development.
  • To provide health care facilities for the rural people.
  • To provide technical knowhow for Entrepreneurial Development.

Baba Mastnath University

Asthal Bohar,Rohtak-124021,Haryana


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