About us

Shri Baba Mastnath Math is the oldest and the most popular place of Nath Sect belonging to Kanpada Yogies. This is the main Tapasthali (place of worship) of Nath Yogies and is situated on the outskirts of Rohtak city, near M.D. University and adjacent to Tilyar Tourist Complex, Rohtak. The campus is on Delhi-Rohtak National Highway. The Math has been the repository and centre for pursuit of Indian civilization and has been doing yeo-men service for the benefit of mankind. To fulfil the statutory requirements and for effective and efficient management of Educational and Non-Educational Institutions/Organizations, the Math formed a Trust in 1980 in the name SHRI BABA MASTNATH AYURVED AND SANSKRIT SHIKSHAN SANSTHAN.

Shri Baba Mastnath Ayurved and Sanskrit Shikshan Sansthan is run by Math Asthal Bohar with an excellent track record of 250 years in social service. Although established in 8th century by Sidh Shiromani Chaurangi Nath Ji, yet it was rejuvenated by Shri Baba Mastnath Ji in 18th century. His able pupils have been rightfully performing the duties and responsibilities to perpetuate and eternalize the name of Shri Baba Mastnath Ji and what he preached.

Late Mahent Shreyo Nath Ji Yogi, who was also Health Minister of Haryana, established many Institutions in the sweet memory of his Guru Shri Baba Mastnath Ji, the founder of this Math. Then Late Mahent Chand Nath Ji Yogi, also an MP from Alwar, added many feathers in the cap in the field of Education and Health and also obtained a University Status by bringing together various Institutions . Now, present Chancellor, Mahent Balak Nath Ji Yogi is making best efforts to evolve it in to an elite Centre of Education, Health, Spirituality and Yoga.

The Math offers various welfare services which includes:

  • Rendering Ayurvedic, Spiritual, Yogic, Sanskrit, Techno-Management, Medical, Physiotherapy and Paramedical knowledge to the common man.
  • Free medical treatment.
  • Improving the infrastructure and heightening the educational institutions and catering scholarship opportunities to the students.
  • Accomplishing and maintaining excellence through the progression and dispersion of knowledge.
  • Keeping up the focus in grooming and training of the human resource to supply effective skills which will aid them in dealing with the innumerable challenges that rise from the present educational arena.

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